marsha floyd
We had wasps in a two story screened porch for 5 years. We screened off the fireplace, blocked floor drains, paid for tuck pointing around the screens, had professionals out and bought equipment and tried to get rid of the pests for years. Nothing worked until we contacted Budget Bee Control. The technician identified the nest location immediately, explained how he thought the wasps were getting into the porch through spaces between the wooden ceiling planks and said he might need to make a second trip to finish the job . He did make a second trip to treat the area a second time 2 weeks later and our long-standing wasp problem was ended inexpensively with no damage to our home. I wish I could give them more than 5 stars!
Leng Han
We called Jeff on Monday, and he came to help us on Tuesday, and now we did not see any wasps. Price is very reasonable compare to other company's quotes. Highly recommended!
Chris McDonald
Budget is right! Jeff was half of the next lowest quote. That doesn't mean cheap because he does quality work, just for less money. He had a way of getting to the hive that didn't tear up my house and he got the entire hive out. I know because I was watching the entire time he worked on it, which btw, was just about one hour vs. the 5-6 hours some of the others companies would have taken. He put everything back to where you couldn't even tell anything had been done to the house. Bees gone, house back to the way it was, low price.
Corina T.
They did a great job! I had a swarm of bees trying to get in front of my house cldnt even go out the door. Well these guys came out right away and took care of the problem. They price was reasonable. They said if there were any more problems they wld come out again.
Janis P.
Great. Quick, neat and knowledgeable. The bees could not be transferred or saved. He also sent a very reasonable repair service to clean out the remaining honey and repair the siding.
jerome P.
The owner sprayed the two entries in a few minutes although one was able to penetrate his netting and sting him in the face. The application requires 48 hours to completely take effect but I am confident it will be successful.
Karen W.
She brought a honeycomb and transferred the bees from my tree to the honeycomb. Fascinating to watch. She educated us along the way. Humane way to go rather than killing the bees...and then they go on to produce more honey.